What is a Company Operations Manual?

A company operations manual, also known as a policies and procedures manual, identifies the what, who, when, where, why, and how of your company.  It is a method of documenting your company’s procedures and operations. It outlines your business process and serves as an employee training tool. It provides legal documentation, serves as an employee training tool, and can be a resource for raising capital.

Company Growth
It is a resource for controlling your company’s growth. It describes how your business will survive the hard times by outlining the steps preparatory to handle necessary downsizing, while treating your employees fairly while maintaining their “good will.

Project Management
It inspires new action in project management, assists in the creation of new products for changing markets, accelerates product development, and prevents “vanishing technology.” It streamlines your production and shows your manufacturing process. It schedules your staff and plans your shifts. It designs your system for researching, organizing, writing, and managing projects.

Customer Loyalty
It tells you how to turn dissatisfied customers into loyal fans. It put competent, trained people in front of your customers.

Employee Management
It helps curtail dependence on “key people” and “tribal knowledge.” It provides for an effective communication protocol. It delegates accountabilities and trains your personnel. Through the development of systems, skills and abilities are amplified and staff productivity and business results are maximized. As a result, you will have better control of your staff and workload.

Strategic Objective
Your company operations manual defines your company’s strategic objective by defining your management structure and career paths, how positions report to each other, and clarifying your basic goals, requirements, and activities.  It creates your branding and image.

It will make your company into a “Money Making Machine.”

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